Welcome to one and all

Welcome to all by AIBSNLEA Electrical Wing - TN & CHTD More »

Welcome to one and all

Welcome to all by AIBSNLEA Electrical Wing - TN & CHTD More »

Welcome to one and all

Welcome to all by AIBSNLEA Electrical Wing - TN & CHTD More »



- The MT recruitment process must be withdrawn to provide smooth career progression to the JTO/JAO  and SDE/AO equivalent executives in BSNL.

 – The uncertainty created on settlement of the HR issues due to introduced hurdle of Remuneration Committee must be avoided and all the HR issues cleared by the BSNL Management Committee should be approved by the BSNL Board instead of sending to Board’s Remuneration Committee.

 Guidelines for the proposed Relay Hunger Fast from 07th July 2015 to 09th July 2015:

  • All members of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA should participate in the Hunger Fast Program dividing themselves into 3 batches for 3 days. Unwell members should also participate, however, may be for a lesser period.
  • Hunger Fast should start at 10.00 hrs and continue up to 18.00 hrs. All the participants must take their seat by 1000 hrs availing casual leave for the day and must not leave the place except for natures call.
  • The participants may take only drinking water if required and nothing else (tea, biscuit etc) during the period of the Fast.
  • Other members, who are not sitting for the Hunger Fast on that day, must attend the camp during lunch hours for demonstration. Remember that they are also on “Work According to Rule” Program hence their full concentration should be towards the agitation only and nowhere else.
  • Use of mobile phones should be minimum and only for urgent cause. Attending official calls sitting at the “Hunger Fast” place must be avoided.
  • Decorate the “Hunger Fast” suitably by banners and posters displaying the demands and the deprivations.
  • Remember future of the executives is depending on successful implementation of the agitation program.

Cabinet note soon to set up BSNL tower unit

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BSNL sees 35% rise in landline connections booking

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Organizational structure of Civil / Electrical in ERP

AIBSNLEA has taken up the issue of clarity on the organizational setup of Civil /Electrical wings in ERP due to different procedures followed in different circles. Based on the input submitted by the TN Electrical wing Comrades to the management, the BSNL HQ comprehensive guidelines has been issued now. Click here

Best Wishes to Com V.K.P, Adviser CHQ(South) !




We met Com V.K.P Adviser CHQ (South) at Madurai who retires on superannuation on 30th June 2015 and conveyed our best wishes for a Happy and Healthy retired life.

Update on BSNL board Meeting

GS discussed with CMD, BSNL regarding the outcome of the BSNL Board Meeting on yesterday on the approval of HR issues cleared by MC on withdrawal of MT recruitment. CMD informed that some HR issues cleared by MC came for discussion in BSNL Board wherein Board prefers that first all the HR issues should be discussed in remuneration committee in BSNL Board thereafter these issues should be put up to BSNL Board for approval. Hence, after the clearance of remuneration committee, all the HR issues will be put up to BSNL  Board for approval.

Regarding MT recruitment withdrawal, CMD informed that matter was discussed in the Board Meeting & the concern of the executives was appraised to the Board and after some informal discussions, Board authorized CMD,BSNL to re-look into the matter. He advised us to discuss the matter in person on Monday / Tuesday.

Consolidation of SSAs into Business Areas- Jharkhand Circle

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BSNL Board Meeting on 19/6/2015

GS discussed with Company Secretary & Sr. GM (Legal), BSNL Corporate Office regarding BSNL Board Meeting today. Company Secretary & Sr. GM (Legal) appraised that  only one of the HR  issues agenda came for discussion in BSNL Board Meeting today. Only the discussion took place in meeting are on technical & procurement items.  The next BSNL Board meeting will be held in the 2nd or 3rd Week of July, 2015.

GS met ED (NB) and discussed regarding:-(a) Date of effect of all upgraded Pay scales w.e.f. 1.10.2000:- We informed ED(NB) that the proposal of Notional Pay  fixation of  all upgrade  pay scales from 1.10.2000 has now been cleared by GM (FP) and now GM (Pers.) has to process it to the competent authority. ED (NB) assured to discuss the matter with GM (Pers.) for early settlement of the issue.

(b) Committee meeting to discuss E-2, E-3 IDA pay scales   for JTO/SDE level executive implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy  and first time bound promotion after 4 years in all the cases: ED (NB) after some discussions informed that next committee meeting is rescheduled on 9.7.2015 at 11.00 AM instead of 7.7.2015 and assured to complete the committee report in due time.

(c) Allowing Diploma holder SDEs(C/E) to the posts of EE (C/E):– ED (NB) mentioned that matter is under active consideration and shortly a decision will be taken in this regard.

GS, FS, AGS (HQ), AGS (Fin) met GM (Pers) and discussed regarding :

(a) Notional Pay fixation to JTO/SDE (C/E/Arch/TF) and PA cadre from 01.10.2000: We requested for issuing Notional Pay fixation orders to JTO/SDE (C/E/Arch/TF) and PA cadres from 01.10.2000 since the comments of GM (FP) has been received in the Pers. Cell. GM (Pers) confirmed that the comments of GM (FP) have been received in the Pers Cell and shortly it will be processed to the competent authority for consideration.

(b) Amendment of BSNL MSRR 2009 for EE (C/E): We requested to issue an executive order on implementation of Hon’ble High Court Delhi orders dated 05.08.2014 issued in WP(C) No. 4879/2014 filed by UOI against the order of Hon’ble CAT (PB) dated 26.04.2013 in OA No. 2651/2012. GM (Pers) mentioned that the matter is under consideration to the competent authority and shortly a decision will be taken in this regard.